Looking to sell your Atlanta property in need of repairs? We can help.

We know the challenge of   selling a property that needs repairs and not having the time or budget to repair it.  As real estate  investors in   Atlanta we're looking to buy    your property in whatever condition it may   be in.

Our Residential Redevelopment company has extensive experience buying all types of in need of repairs and we'd like to take if off your hands. We can give you a fair market cash offer on your property and close quickly. If for some reason we can't buy your house, our FREE report "SPECIAL REPORT: How To Quickly Sell A Fixer Upper" will give you 7 tips for selling your property quickly in  Atlanta.
give here are some ways you can benefit from our offer:
  • You don't need to   pay for repairs
  • You eliminate the exisitng property taxes you've been paying
  • You don't pay any agent commissions upon the sale‚Äč
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We Are A Real Estate Investing Company in Atlanta

Flourished Properties LLC  is a family owned busines and we specifically  look for homes that are vacant or need repairs.  We    take on the   labor of doing the repairs after we   buy the homes in cash.  As local investors primarly focused in Decatur, we are always acitvely    looking for   projects to work on.  If you happen to connect us with a neighbor that has a fixer upper or    vacant home and we close on  the home, we   will compensate $500.00 for simply making the referral as part of our Flourished Community referral program. Contact us for more details below:

Call / Text:    470-240-1994   | Email:  contact@flourishedproperties.com